We are now selling new tires! We also mount and balance tires here 7 days a week! See one of our sales associates for details.

Milliron Auto Parts now has an all new Self-Service Auto Recycling facility where you can pull your own parts! Conveniently located in Mansfield Ohio, we offer over 1200 vehicles of all makes and models.

Since we add fresh vehicles daily we do not inventory the specific parts that are on the vehicles. We do however list all of the vehicles that are currently in the yard. This vehicle list is updated daily. Simply click here to search for the vehicle you are looking for! All of our vehicles are on stands and organized neatly so you can easily locate the vehicles you are looking for.

This division does not have people answering the phones - just one of the ways in which we keep our prices very low. All information related to this division of our company can be found on this site.

How It Works

Self-Service: You Pull
Pay the $2.00 Admission and Waiver Fee
Bring your own tools and pull your own parts
We provide wheelbarrels and engine hoists free for use in yard
Our friendly staff can help locate your requested car in the yard and give interchange information

Yard Rules

Self-Service Admission Rules
Entrant must be at least 14 years of age
All toolboxes subject to search prior to entry
No open toed shoes
Shirts must be worn
No Jacks, torches or spark emitting grinders
Overhead hoists shall not be used to lift or re-position vehicles
No trespassing beyond fence and wooded areas
No alcohol, drugs, guns or pets